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Since 2010, several testseminars were organized with enthousiastic feedback from participants. Interested individuals/groups wishing to attend tailormade seminars please mail to ha.vangelder@hagesmi.com for further information.
For organisational reasons, number of participants will be restricted to max. 8 persons.

Subscription fees: 

Introduction Seminar: Learning about Olfactory Language and Experiencing your own Sense of Smell: Price on request.

Follow-up Seminar: Tailor-made programme on demand for two modules to be selected from following shortlist – Price on request

  • Improving insight in High-Class Perfumery: Making use of Professional Genealogy Fragrance Families.
  • Creative Noses in Fragrance Composition: Available tools, legal restrictions, IFRA Code of Conduct, etc.
  • Fragrancing Consumer Products: Marketing Mix, Perfume Briefs, Selection Techniques, Stability Testing.