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UK Nosetraining, The Ultimate Smelling Experience!

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Nosetraining Seminars have been started by Henri van Gelder. Henri has a track record of 30+ years professional experience in the international Fragrance Industry. From the age of 21 he trained extensively for three years with Naarden International (presently Givaudan-Quest, one of the leading companies in the international essay service Fragrance Industry).

This specialist training enabled  him to join in 1974 German multinational Fragrance &  Flavour competitor Dragoco (nowadays Symrise), where he was active for over 20 years in International Sales & Marketing. From 1988 to 1993, he worked closely with Dr. Stephan Jellinek, author and trainer of professional Fragrance Seminars entitled ”Dialogue with the Perfumer”, at the time specifically aimed at (potential) Dragoco customers.

From 1994 onwards, Henri began his own trading company Coderma Benelux B.V. acting a.o. as exclusive agent for several raw-material manufacturers, particularly those focused both on High Class Creations and Functional Fragrances. Additionally Henri handled several Strategic Fragrance Management projects through his Holding company Hagesmi, both within and outside the fragrance industry.

From 2001 to 2008, personal circumstances forced a break from business activities. However, 2009 has seen recognised fragrance parfumist Henri return to offer small scale and easy accessible  Nosetraining Seminars, inspired by earlier Dr. Jellinek’s professional Fragrance Seminars. These one-day smelling- and fragrance-training workshops are aimed at introducing all participants in a casual way to the amazing wonderworld of smelling and fragrancing. By doing so, Henri is striving to pass on his extensive olfactory know-how and experience to participants wishing to enrich their own fragrant awareness.

Let yourself be led by his credo:  Follow your nose and enjoy every sniff you take…